Tiia Vahula


Co-founder of UnSeen

She received her Master of Science in Architecture at Estonian Academy of Arts and Vienna University of Technology, Austria. She is an architect and creative director in UTOPIAblu - a cooperative architectural design firm primarily located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. From 2014 Tiia has joined numerous international projects at UNStudio and UTOPIAblu. Her work has been presented and exhibited internationally, e.g.: XIV Biennale di Venezia, Venice. Museum of Estonian Architecture Tallinn; Estonia. Audi City Berlin, Germany. TETEM gallery, Netherlands. Milan Design Week, Italyetc

Ljudmilla Georgijeva


Co-founder of UnSeen

She is a young architect and Estonian Academy of Arts graduate. In 2014 she defended her Master Thesis “Urban Manufacturing”, which dealt with the themes of global economy crisis, usage of local resources and the role of digitized production technologies in that context. Her interests besides architectural practice include robotics and industrial design.


Madis Kaasik


Partner of UnSeen

He is a technology enthusiast with an interest in all things related to engineering, robotics and design. He is currently master's student in Tallinn University studying to become engineering technology and robotics teacher. Previously he has studied in Norway, Greece and South Korea. He is the founder of Protoinvent - technical design and prototyping company.